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General International presents new air cleaners

Model 10-1000.

Model 10-1000.

General International presents a new line of Smart Auto Sensor air cleaners, including the ceiling-mounted models 10-1000 and 10-2000, and the portable floor model 10-1440.

The air cleaners can automatically sense when there’s dust in the air, activate at the appropriate speed (high, medium or low), and shut off when the dust has been removed.

Each model features an infrared sensor that identifies dust particles down to .03 microns in size, a two-stage filtration system, auto and manual settings, and a touch control LCD panel that reflects the air quality and functional parameters according to the sensor signal.

The portable floor model.

The portable floor model.

The ceiling-mounted air cleaners also feature LED lighting. “Typically, these machines are hanging from the ceiling and they’re going to block some light whether it’s to a workbench with a project or to whatever’s below it,” says General’s John Otto.

The air cleaners come with a remote control to set the speed and timer function.

Model 10-1000 produces 1,068 cfm at high speed and sells for $399, according ti General. Model 10-2000 (1,750 cfm) sells for $799. Accessories include charcoal and HEPA filters.

The floor model (1,50 cfm) stands about 3’ tall with casters and sells for $599.

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This article was originally published in the January 2021 issue.

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