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General adds an adjustable height 15" band saw

General International’s new 15" adjustable height band saw, model 90-200, features a rack-and-pinion head that allows for the use of different blade lengths.

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“A key attraction to this saw is being able to get a 12" resaw cutting capacity without having to install a riser block, which is how some other saws of this size accomplish extra cutting capacity. A riser block is effective, but it is also pretty much permanent — one doesn’t install and remove it at will,” says General’s Norman Frampton.

The saw’s upper frame is mounted to a column that can be raised or lowered by a crank handle. To move the upper frame, the blade must be removed, a lever lock is loosened, and an appropriate-sized blade is reinstalled.

For fine work, such as cutting curves, the saw works best with the upper column set at its lowest setting, according to Frampton.

“This helps maintain stability to limit blade drift and keeps the blade from flexing in or out and drifting offline. The added advantage is that the user also has the flexibility to adapt the saw to whatever length blades they have in the shop or that are readily available in his or her area,” says Frampton.

The saw can be adjusted to accommodate blades from 93-1/2" to 106" in length.

The band saw also features a telescoping blade guard, metal flywheels, and 16" x 16" cast iron table, which tilts 45 degrees to the right. The top features a built-in bevel scale.

The saw is powered by a two-speed, 15-amp, 1-1/2 hp motor and is sold with a miter gauge, aluminum rip fence, gooseneck-style worklight, adjustable laser line marker, and enclosed base cabinet with storage shelf.

The 15" adjustable height band saw sells for an introductory price of $1,459.

Contact: General International, 8360 du Champ-d’Eau, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H1P 1Y3. Tel: 888-949-1161.

This article originally appeared in the January 2009 issue.

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