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FStart spray guns suited for all-day use

The FStartG, FStartP and FStartS entry-level spary guns from Sames-Kremlin.

The FStartG, FStartP and FStartS entry-level spary guns from Sames-Kremlin.

Sames-Kremlin presents the FStart manual spray guns, available in gravity, pressure and suction configurations. The new guns are a cost-effective solution for professionals working with solvents and water-based materials, according to the company.

“The FStart line is our entry level category of Airspray guns,” says product manager Mike Malavolti. “It’s capable of spraying stains, primers, sealers, conversion varnishes, topcoats, and UV coatings, to name a few.

“The FStart is well-suited for all day spraying due to its light trigger pull and light weight. It is very adaptable and can be converted from conventional Airspray to HVLP by just changing the fluid nozzle and air cap. The gun body stays the same.”

The gravity model (FStartG) feeds material through a top-mounted pot for basic applications. The pressure model (FStartP) is suited for spraying low to medium viscosity materials. The suction model (FStartS) is a conventional spray gun with bottom-mounted pot for hard to atomize coatings.

Each model has an aluminum body for easy cleaning, features a fine atomization aircap adjustable to 360 degrees, soft springs for a responsive and reduced trigger pull, and new trigger design for more comfort, according to the company.

The guns sell for $145 to $229, depending on the setup.

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This article was originally published in the August 2021 issue.

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