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Freud Tools updates Premier Fusion Blade

Freud Tools launched its updated Next Generation 10” Premier Fusion Blade in May, featuring what the company refers to as its Fusion Trio Tooth Design.

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 Cliff Paddock, the company’s head of product development, explains that the original blade was introduced several years ago and it was unique in the market for its combined special tooth geometry.

The new blade retains a high ATB angle for cutting melamine, plywood and other materials without chipping or tear-out, as well as a special double-side grind that produces a polished edge when cutting solid wood.

A third feature was added to improve cutting ease.

“We’ve added a third geometry to the tips called an axial face sheer,” Paddock says. “The front of the saw tooth is ground at a slight angle and alternates from tooth to tooth, right and left. This dramatically decreases the cutting resistance of the blade. What we have seen is that this reduces cutting resistance up to 30 percent.”

The blades are available in 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14” diameters. The 10” blade sells for $99.97.

A thin-kerf version is offered for 10” saws, priced at $79.97.

Contact: Freud Tools. Tel: 800-334-4107.

This article originally appeared in the July 2014 issue.

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