Freud adds Black ICE to CNC router bit line

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Freud is presenting a new line of coated solid carbide router bits called Black ICE (Industrial Cooling Element) that offer a longer cutting life, better finishes and increased productivity compared to uncoated router bits, according to the company.

Made with Freud’s exclusive TiCo (Titanium Cobalt) hi-density carbide, the bits are optimized for fast feed rates and high heat applications. The Black ICE coating shields the solid carbide cutting edge by creating a slick, lubricant like action for friction, heat and pitch build-up.

“We spent years in testing and development in order to introduce a premier solution in solid carbide router bits and protective coatings that delivers an incredible, unmatched two-times factor in life, finish quality, performance and productivity,” says Russell Kohl, president and CEO of Freud America.

The bits are specifically designed for CNC applications in laminated materials such as HPL, melamine, paper laminate and other abrasive materials laminated on wood composites, MDF, particleboard, hardwood, softwood and plywood materials.

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This article originally appeared in the November 2019 issue.

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