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Flip knife

FLIP KNIFE, from C.H. Hanson, is a patented double-ended utility knife that eliminates the need to carry two knives to get certain jobs done. The double-ended knife is designed for roofing and flooring professionals who need special blades for each application, as well as various other woodshop uses. One blade can be a dedicated straight blade for cutting tar paper or underlayment, while the second can be hooked for shingles or flooring. The blades can be independently retracted, but both cannot be extended at the same time for safe usage. The blade channel will accept any universal blade. The flip knife retails for about $10. Contact: C. H. Hanson Co., 2000 N. Aurora Road, Naperville, IL 60563. Tel: 800-827-3398.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2008 issue.

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