Flexarm unveils ergonomic arms for woodworking


Flexarm, a manufacturer of tapping and assembling systems, has solutions for woodworkers, too. The company exhibited assembly, torque and articulating arms, fitted with routers and drills that can be maneuvered over a bench, at July’s AWFS fair.

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The arms alleviate the weight of tools for better ergonomics and control, either in the shop or on a jobsite.

“Our assembly arms take the tool weight and torque off the operator and put it on the arm,” product manager Sandy Piehl says. “Ergonomics is important in any work environment. The consequences of heavy tool use are numerous. They can include injured and fatigued workers, inconsistent results, mistakes and scrap and more. This leads to higher costs and lower profits for a production area.”

Flexarm says its assemblers can withstand motor torque up to 30 foot lbs. A swivel attachment can be added to the motor mount for use at various angles.

“We can design an assembly arm for unique applications and we offer a wide variety on our website. We look at tool weight and torque, along with arm reach needed for the application. The goal is to take tool weight and torque out of the hands of the operator for an almost ‘weightless tool’ experience,” Piehl adds.

Contact: Flexarm Inc. Tel: 800-837-2503. www.flexarminc.com

This article originally appeared in the October 2015 issue.

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