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Festool unveils clamping system for small shops

Festool USA has introduced a portable, suction-based clamping system, the VAC SYS.

The VAC SYS with two clamping units.

The complete system includes a vacuum pump and hose, SE1 clamping unit and foot valve. A second clamping unit can be added for larger work pieces.

The clamping unit allows for workpieces to be turned up to 360 degrees and swiveled up to 90 degrees.

“The VAC SYS will truly improve the way professional craftsmen work. It provides industrial-quality, suction-based material clamping whether you’re in a smaller shop or on the job site,” Festool USA chief sales and marketing officer Steve Rangoussis said in a statement.

The system uses interchangeable vacuum cups, available in four sizes, which adhere to non-porous surfaces. The suction is broken with a quick-release valve.

The VAC SYS is designed for routing, sanding and finishing tasks, for example. It won’t mar or damage delicate workpieces, according to Festool product manager Rick Bush, who also pointed out another obvious advantage.

“You’re not working around clamps or having to reposition them,” he says.

The set with one clamping unit sells for $1,300.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue.

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