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Festool unveils a new track saw


Festool has updated its TS 55 track saw, guide rail and accessories. The new saw, model TS 55 F, features maximum cutting performance, achieved by making it compatible with ultra-thin saw blades, the company says.

“We took the already proven, very refined track saw that we have today, the TS 55, and gave it a facelift by giving it a thinner kerf blade,” Festool product marketing manager Rick Bush tells Woodshop News. “That gives it basically faster cuts, a longer lasting blade, and from a customer perspective, you’re going to need less power to make cuts. It’s the same power as it was before in terms of the motor and capacity, but the performance is greatly boosted. We say it will cut up to two times faster than the [TS 55] due to this new blade.”

Last year, Festool introduced a thin-kerf blade to its cordless TS 55 KEB track saw. Bush says extensive engineering was done to incorporate the concept into this new corded model.

“We wanted to maintain the cut quality that people expect from Festool. You still get a finish quality cut with the first cut. You don’t have the pinching, binding or burning that can normally associate with blade deflection, so we’ve achieved the quality of cut without the compromise,” he says.

The new saw also features a spring-mounted riving knife and the company’s Fast Fix spindle stop for fast blade changes.

Festool has updated the 55” (FS 1400/2-KP) and 75” (FS 1900/2KP) guide rails that can be used with the saw. They now feature slots that fit over a Sustainer case to carry the saw and rail with one hand.

New accessories include an angle stop, extension guide, and new guide rail connections that have a self-aligning function.

The saw sells for $599 with a fine-tooth blade and Systainer. It’s packaged with a 55” guide rail for $699.

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This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue.

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