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Festool rolls out new MFT/3 workbench

A good workbench is the cornerstone to any workshop, which is why Festool recently redesigned its multi-function table and released the new MFT/3. This third generation workbench works as part of a system with Festool’s power and hand tools, and now boasts more options than ever for allowing various applications in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

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“The MFT is the basis by which the Festool system really shines. It offers woodworkers the ability to use it as the main work platform for building things and for the cutting, shaping, and even clamping of parts,” says product manager Rick Bush.

The new table is several inches taller than its predecessor at 35-1/2". At 62 lbs., the table is 15 percent lighter and takes a maximum workload of 265 lbs., according to Festool.

Features carried over from older MFT versions include the perforated MDF top, which allows for the positioning of several of Festool’s clamps to hold material for sanding, routing, joining and sawing. There are side channels for attaching the clamps, while folding legs allow for two working heights and easy transport.

“The MFT/3 is equipped with a guide rail and fence system that allows it to become an accurate cross-cut station with our TS plunge cut saws that also can perform miter cuts and compound cuts,” says Bush. “The fence and rail can be removed to make an unencumbered work surface and be joined to other MFT tables for an even larger work surface.

“The MFT/3 also features a new V-groove, making it possible to attach the fence assembly at multiple points for more versatility. Both the fence and the miter gauge have been redesigned for better stability and more accurate results.”

The MFT/3 comes with a 43-3/8" x 28-1/4" sacrificial MDF top and sells for $575.

Contact: Festool U.S.A., Tooltechnic Systems LLC, 400 N. Enterprise Blvd., Lebanon, IN 46052. Tel: 888-337-8600.

This article originally appeared in the February 2009 issue.

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