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Festool goes large with new Domino joiner

Festool has expanded its Domino joiner line with the addition of the XL DF 700, also referred to as the Domino XL — think “extra large.” The portable tool can mill mortises up to 9/16” for constructing doors, tables, beds and other large furniture pieces, eliminating the need for stationary hollow chisel or slot mortise machines.

Festool's Domino XL

“The first Domino we launched, the DF 500, is for casework applications,” says Festool product manager Rick Bush. “But customers have always been asking us for a bigger version for structural furniture applications where you’re going to need a larger tenon.

“If you’re building a panel door, for example, there are a lot of steps involved like laying out stiles and rails, and marking where you need the mortise. You have to take each component over to the mortise machine, clamp it down and mortise it. You have to keep traveling between the machine and layout area. You also need a big support area and those machines have small tables. With the Domino XL, all you have to do is take the tool to the work.”

The Domino XL is powered by a 720-watt motor and weighs 11.4 lbs., according to Festool. Its features are nearly identical to those on the DF 500.

The tool functions like a biscuit joiner, using a carbide-tipped cutter to carve out consistently-sized mortises. The user can choose between two mortise widths: “tight” for precise tenon alignment or “loose” for slight lateral movement, making assembly easier when there are a lot of tenons involved.

Two sets of three pins on each side of the Domino XL fence can be used for quick alignment against the edge of your material or from an adjacent mortise. The pins are spring loaded and can be placed in a stowed position when not being used.

The mortising depth can be set to 15 to 70 mm (19/32” to 2-2/4”) in 5 mm increments to match the tenon size being used.

The XL uses 8, 10, 12 and 14mm cutters, which are not interchangeable with the DF 500 model.

Optional fence accessories include a hand rail for round stock, trim stop for thin stock, and cross stop for extending the maximum distance between mortises when using the indexing pin system.

The Domino XL sells for $1,200 with a 12mm cutter. For an extra $50, a kit version also includes the trim and cross stops, and an assortment of tenons.

Contact: Festool USA. Tel: 888-337-8600.

This article originally appeared in the June 2012 issue.

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