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Festool debuts new saws and sanders

Festool recently introduced two carpentry saws — the HK (corded) and HKC (18-volt cordless) models — with guide rail options and other performance features for accurate and splinter-free cutting.

Festool’s carpentry saws.

Product manager Rick Bush says the saws were created to meet the needs of customers seeking to process sheet goods without taking all of their work to a table or miter saw.

“These are more job-site ready,” Bush says. “With these two saws, you can make exact and repeated cuts anywhere because the track can stay connected to the saw when you move it. You don’t have to take the material to the tool or to a setup on a job site.”

The HK and HKC saws use 6-1/4” blades and have plunge-cutting features. They have a riving knife that automatically retracts when used with Festool’s FSK and FS guide rails.

As stand-alone tools, the HKC sells for $375 and the HK costs $440. The cordless saw can be purchased with two batteries for $570. Both saws are available in kits that include FSK 420 guide rails.

Festool also introduced two 250-watt orbital sanders, models DTS 400 REQ and RTS 400 REQ, each weighing about 2.5 lbs. They boast a 25 percent power over Festool’s previous models, according to the company.

The delta-shaped and rectangular sanders.

Busch says the new sanders were designed with the goals of minimizing user fatigue and increasing their functions. “A lot of times you need a sanding tool that can adapt to different edges. We have a couple of different shapes, a rectangular and a delta, which is somewhat triangular. They both feature a new pad protector, which helps to minimize pad damage and protect adjacent surfaces for superior results.”

Other new features include an improved handle, bayonet-style dust port connection and an optional, reusable long-life filter bag. Both sanders offer a variable speed range of 6,000 to 12,000 rpm and a sanding stroke of 2mm, according to the company.

Either model retails for about $260.

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This article originally appeared in the February 2017 issue.

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