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Festool Connectors boost on-site capabilities

Festool is introducing the next generation of Domino Connectors to build, set up and knock down large pieces by using only a hex wrench. Ultimately, it’s a faster and simpler way to build furniture at a customer’s site, according to the company.

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The connectors fit into mortises made with Festool’s Domino XL (DF 700) joiner.

“Festool Connectors make things nicer on the assembly end, so they’re a natural extension of people using the Domino XL for furniture construction,” product manager Rick Bush says.

“You can maximize your processes by building the furniture in the shop, but once you’ve got some kind of structure built, you have to figure out how to get it to the customer. So oftentimes you have to compromise by building it on site. With this fastener, we’re going to build the main project in the shop environment — the controlled environment — have it completely assembled and then take it apart in large sections, deliver to the customer and install it there.”

The fasteners are sold for flat joints or panel joints and various components such as colored caps to cover mortise holes are available.

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The Domino Connector Set, model 201353, sells for $259.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue.

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