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Festool Airstream battery line reduces charging times

Festool introduced its Airstream battery technology in April, which it says can reduce charging times by up to 60 percent. The charging system pulls cooled air through the battery’s cells and exhausts hot air.

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The Airstream system features a new charger (model SCA 8) and 18-volt batteries, available in 5.2 Ah and 6.2 Ah capacities. The new charger is compatible with Festool’s previous 18-volt lithium-ion batteries.

“Whether you are using existing Festool batteries or are looking to get into the new Airstream design, any user can benefit from the new charger,” product manager Rick Bush says. “It charges our lithium-ion batteries much faster than our previous charger. We did this by increasing the charging current from three amps to eight amps and adding the cooling effect for Airstream batteries.

“As battery capacities have increased tremendously in recent years, so has charging time, and charging time is downtime. With the Airstream, the recharge time is significantly reduced. Users of a high-draw tool, such as [Festool’s] TSC cordless track saw, will appreciate the difference.”

The charger also features a countdown timer to indicate remaining charge time and a battery level indicator.

Festool is also introducing an Airstream 6-amp charger, model TLC 6, for the company’s 18-volt, 3.1-Ah batteries.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue.

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