Festool adds three sanders with power option choice

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Photo of Festool sander

Festool is introducing three new sanders with the company’s Hybrid Powertechnology , which gives the user the option of running them off an 18-volt battery or AC power. The sanders include the delta-shaped model DTSC 400, 5” round-disk ETSC 125, and the rectangular RTSC 400. 

Product manager Rick Bush says the new sanders feature a Li-ion battery design that provides up to 30 minutes of runtime at full power. 

“We wanted to offer a hybridstyle sander without compromising performance and still give end-users the flexibility to plug it into the wall,” says Bush “Part of doing that was coming up with a special battery. 

“We didn’t want to just take our existing 18-volt platform and couple it onto a sander. We wanted to design a battery to compliment the sander and maintain the ergonomics and the balance that are typical to a corded sander, so we did that by developing a special battery called the Ergo battery, an 18-volt battery with 3.1 amp hours that has an integrated LED battery fuel gauge.” 

The sanders can be connected to AC power by simply replacing the battery with a plug adapter. 

“The adapter takes the place of the battery, but allows you to attach one of our removable Plugit cords. These tools are available with this adapter and the cord, or you can buy it strictly cordless if you wish,” says Bush. 

“All of these models are also available as corded units. And the latest corded sanders feature brushless motors for exceptional runtime, reduced weight and slightly smaller diameter around the motor housing.” 

The sanders are available in a kit with one battery, charger, adapter and Plug-it cord. The kits sell for $535 (ETSC 125) and $600 (DTSC 400 and RTSC 400). 

For more, visit www.festoolusa.com.  

This article originally appeared in the October 2017 issue.

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