Festool adds pre-separator, CT Cyclone, for its vacuums

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Festool has a new dust extraction accessory, the CT Cyclone, that separates and collects large particles before they enter the company’s portable vacuum units.

When used together, the CT Cyclone and CT Dust Extractor form a three-step filtration system for dust and debris, according to the company.

“The real value of it is that it expands the capacity of your vacuum and is very quick and easy to unload. You don’t have to deal with a filter bag,” says Rick Bush, Festool’s director of product marketing.

“If you’re doing applications with a hand-held planer or router, or something producing bigger chips, or where your producing a lot of dust in a very short period, it can overwhelm the capacity alone with a filter bag. This gives you a way to capture most of those particles in an outside container.”

The CT Cyclone is a stackable collection container. It is sold with a Systainer storage unit, collection container and pan, hose connector, and disposable dust liner for $375.

For more, visit www.festoolusa.com.

This article originally appeared in the October 2018 issue.

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