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Felder drops the Hammer benchtop CNC


The Felder Group introduces the new Hammer HNC benchtop CNC machine, available with a router or spindle.

“The HNC was designed with the average woodworker in mind. Simple setup, simple instructions and [opportunity for] unlimited creativity. It could be our way into a new market of schools, hobbyists and those entering the world of CNC machining,” says Felder’s Bryan Olvera.

“This tabletop CNC is ready out of the box.”

The Hammer HNC features a working area of approximately 32.5” x 18.85” and a through feed height of 6.3”, touchscreen controls, and a T-slot aluminum machine table to secure workpieces and numerous accessories.

“Two high-precision linear guides on each axis of the machine ensure high-quality results even for the most delicate jobs,” the company explained a statement. “Four guide carriages on the Z axis, three on the Y axis and two on each side of the X axis are resistant to contamination and absolutely maintenance-free.

“Both spindles of the X and Z axes are driven by the motor via toothed belts. The Y spindle is directly connected to the motor and is protected from dirt by a guard plate. A wrap angle of 180 degrees on the gears, as well as an adjustable belt tensioning guarantee a drive system without slippage or slack.”

The Hammer HNC sells for $6,399 with a 1kW router and $8,799 with a 2.2kW spindle.

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This article was originally published in the March 2021 issue.

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