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Felder debuts new table saw

Felder introduced the K 540 S table saw with a quick-change scoring unit. The production machine offers a 5” cutting height and the company’s X-roll sliding table system.

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“The quick-remove scoring system used on the K540S not only allows you to remove the scoring blade, but also the scoring shaft,” product manager Ruan du Toit says. “The benefit with this system is that when cutting hard woods or other material that might not need a scoring unit it can be completely removed. The scoring blade and shaft does not get compacted with resin and dust from other materials that drastically affect the life expectancy of the scoring blade system.

“The Felder X-roll sliding table system is something completely unique when talking about sliding table saws. Most machines offer a ball-bearing sliding table system that is wearing on the hardened rails due to the small surface area a ball bearing would touch the rail. The X-roll system uses roller bearings that have a wide contact area and does not create this wearing line allowing customers to expect a much more accurate and higher quality cut for much longer.”

The saw has 7-1/2-hp main motor and uses a 15-1/2” blade.

Felder announced an introductory price of $10,515, which includes a 51” outrigger table and 102” crosscut fence. Optional accessories are also available.

For information, call 866-792-5288 or visit

This article originally appeared in the April 2015 issue.

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