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Fein updates multitool and adds accessories

Fein updated its oscillating multitool, the MultiMaster, and has a new line of accessories to match the recently patented Starlock tool mount.

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The new MultiMaster, model FMM 350 QSL, is the most powerful yet, according to the company.

“One of the improvements is the 350 watts of power, up from 250 watts, making it one of the most powerful oscillating tools in the market,” Fein U.S. marketing manager Tracy Nedzesky says.

Fein also introduced a cordless MultiMaster, model AFMM 18 QSL, powered by an 18-volt lithium-ion battery.

Nedzesky says these tools and their attachments, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, are perfect for woodworking applications that include cutting, sanding, scraping, rasping and polishing.

The Starlock mount was developed through a partnership with Bosch and is compatible with accessories from both companies. Fein invented the oscillating tool in 1985, but its patent expired in 2008, allowing other tool manufactures into the market.

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“There is also backwards compatibility with this line,” Nedzesky says, “Meaning if you have a MultiMaster that came out prior to April 1, 2016, you can use these Starlock [accessories] on your Multi-Master as well as some of the other competitors. But you always get a precise cut using a Fein tool and a Fein blade because they’re made to fit together.”

Fein’s Starlock tools also feature stainless-steel blade mounts. “The stainless steel provides and extra bit of rigidity so you will get the most precise cut. If you take our tool and one of our blades and just make a plunge cut into a piece of wood, the width of that cut will be so minimal,” Nedzesky says.

Fein offers the MultiMaster in six kits, starting at $179. More than 100 accessories are available.

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This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue.

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