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Fast Rack products help expedite finishing tasks

Fast Rack Equipment offers an assortment of products from drying racks to transport carts

Fast Rack Equipment offers an assortment of products from drying racks to transport carts

Products from Fast Rack Equipment are designed to save time and labor costs while increasing productivity, says company founder Michael Halverson, a professional wood finisher in Appleton, Wis.

“I’ve been in the industry for 22 years and I created the first racking system about 10 years ago out of necessity for doing things in my shop. I needed carts to wheel in and out of the spray booth and liked the idea of only needing one person to spray two sides of a door. It took about five years, but I finally refined the design so that it didn’t look like something somebody just built in their garage,” says Halverson.

Fast Rack offers 16 products in standard and custom sizes, including vertical and horizontal drying racks, transfer carts, sawhorses, cabinet stackers and door hangers. A new small cabinet rack is set to be introduced this year.

Fast Rack’s products are built to function in concert. “The products are sold individually or as a system to help customers with specific needs,” Halverson explains.

“Everything can be customized. We’ve sold to every type of business from a one-man operation to a company making 10,000 doors a day. We sell to aircraft companies, universities, contractors, finish guys. Doors are really everywhere.”

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This article originally appeared in the February 2019 issue.

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