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Ezee-Feed tables simplifies panel cuts

Ezee-Feed has expanded on its product line with the new Lite and Ultra-Wide infeed and outfeed units. The work material support units are designed to hook onto table saws and make cutting sheet goods a one-person job, while increasing safety and accuracy, according to the company.

Ezee-Feed infeed and outfeed tables hook onto a table saw to support the cutting of sheet goods.

"The Ezee-Feed system allows the user to stand next to the sheet, out of harm's way, in the event of a kickback. With their body actually touching the front of the saw, they can easily see the sheet is tight to the fence," says product designer Lee Jeseberger.

The infeed and outfeed units are sold separately, but are most often purchased in pairs, says Jeseberger. With the expanded product line, woodworkers can achieve optimal customization for their shop setup.

The Light units feature 1" x 1" tubing, so they are a lighter option compared to the original Pro units featuring 1" x 2" steel framework. Jeseberger says the Lite units are more practical for a home shop, whereas the latter are more ideal for industrial settings.

Both the Lite and original units are offered in two widths: regular, which is 22" wide; and Ultra-Wide, which is 30" wide. Jeseberger says the new Ultra-Wide version will be particularly beneficial for cabinetmakers and solid surface shops processing large panels.

The units are foldable and can be mounted or dismounted in a matter of seconds. Jeseberger says these features allow woodworkers to make more efficient use of their floor space.

"These units make it possible to use a standard table saw to get the same accuracy and production levels as those shops using a high-end panel saw, yet without having the expense of one or needing the dedicated floor space required by such machines," Jeseberger adds.

The infeed systems feature side rollers as well as a 4' T-track that permits lateral movement in front of the saw. The Lite unit sells for $274, while the Ultra-Wide model sells for $344.

The outfeed systems, sold without the rollers and T-track, cost $209 for the Lite model and $279 for the Ultra-Wide model.

Contact: Ezee-Feed, 146 Hurffville Crosskeys Road, Sewell, N.J. 08080. Tel: 267-784-9600.

This article originally appeared in the April 2011 issue.

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