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EZ-Mount hinge cuts out the middleman

EZ-Mount Hardware Mounting Systems recently introduced the Hydraulic Buffering Hinge for both inset and overlay frameless-cabinetry doors.

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Company president Stan Klonowski developed the hinge to accommodate the plastic EZ-Mount hinge jig he put on the market four years ago. He says the primary reason he developed a hinge of his own was so he could offer it with the jig, and not have to rely on only having other manufacturers’ hinges match his mounting system.

“People use a lot of different hinges; many don’t even know which ones they use,” he says. “If I had my own hinge, I felt I could introduce a product that helps both the manufacturer and the end user by combining the hinge and my jig.”

The hinge has a soft-close feature, a four-hole hinge plate to provide a stronger hold on the cabinet door, and a hydraulic cylinder that creates a steadier, more even closing. The hinge is manufactured by Constant Metal Production Co. of Shenzhen City in Gaungdong, China.

Klonowski, who ran cabinetmaking and furniture shops for more than 30 years, developed the EZ-Mount jig in the mid-1980s when CNC manufacturing was gaining popularity. Because he couldn’t afford the new technology, he developed an inexpensive plastic jig to quickly mount hinges manually.

“I found that a lot of time that was spent in assembling a cabinet was wasted in assembling doors,” he says, referring to the jig. “And if I could mount doors faster, it would be a no-brainer. I could put the hinges on in a minute and install the doors at 35 seconds apiece.”

Currently, hardware manufacturer Salice offers the EZ-Mount jig in its catalog, but Klonowski is trying to eliminate his need to sell through other dealers and distributors.

“I’m really not out to compete with the large hinge manufacturers. I’m trying to provide a quality product for craftsmen and smaller producers, such as start-up manufacturers, ready-made cabinet to custom cabinet shops, and DIYers. This is the same thing I attempted through the EZ-Mount jig with the hardware market.”

The hinge sells for $4.50.

Contact: EZ-Mount, 1920 E. Third St., Tempe, AZ 85281. Tel: 480-829-1214.

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