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"Extra clean for wood" jigsaw blades

“EXTRA CLEAN FOR WOOD” JIGSAW BLADES, from Bosch, have a patented tooth design that allows the blade to cut on both the up and down strokes, as opposed to most blades that cut only on one or the other. The dual-cutting action eliminates the need to cut from the bottom or flip the material over. The 12-tpi blade has scalpel teeth that produce the cleaner cut on the bottom of the surface, while the pointed teeth from the shank to the middle of the blade provide the cut for the top surface. The 4-1/2" blade is designed for use with hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, melamine, plywood, and laminated particleboard, according to Bosch. The blades are priced at $13.56 for a package of five (set #T308) and $65.28 for a package of 25 blades (set #T308B25). Contact: Bosch Power Tools. Tel: 877-267-2499.

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This article originally appeared in the October 2008 issue.

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