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Dubois roll coater provides a uniform finish

Dubois Equipment Co. recently introduced the S Series Differential Roll Coater, a finishing machine for applying stains, sealers and lacquers to flat substrates such as veneer and hardwoods.

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“The [machine] automatically applies a uniform finish as an alternative to hand spraying. It enables you to apply a very even coat across the entire paneling passing through it. If you try to hand-spray a large piece of material, it’s hard to lean out with your hand and get good, consistent even coverage,” product manager Brent Patterson says.

“Since you’re getting a nice even coverage with the machine, you’re applying 100 percent of the material to the part, as opposed to hand-spraying where you tend to have a decent amount of overspray lost in filters and in the air. So you get a lot better use of material.”

The machine is 50” wide to accommodate 4’ x 8’ sheets up to 2” thick.

A rubber application roller applies the finish as a part passes through on a conveyor. A doctor roll regulates the amount of finish supplied to the application roller before it is applied to a part. The machine features a variety of electronic and pneumatic controls for optimum performance.

The machine has a base price of $40,000. 

Contact: Dubois Equipment Co. Tel: 812-842-3644.

This article originally appeared in the May 2014 issue.

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