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Dremel’s new 8200 specializes in sanding

Cordless rotary tool offers twice the speed of cut of the 8000 and removes more material in sanding applications

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Dremel has updated its cordless rotary tool with model 8200 slated to be available for sale in April. The tool is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery and is compatible with all of the company's accessories and attachments, making it capable of cutting, sanding, carving, routing and more.

"Sanding is one of the more popular applications for woodworkers using this tool - they find it's great for sanding small parts and areas that are hard to get to by hand. We offer both our traditional sanding drums and easy-lock abrasive buffs for profiling in tight areas," says Brian Benes, Dremel's product manager.

The 8200 replaces Dremel's model 8000, which featured a 10.8-volt lithium-ion battery. The 8200's variable speed motor can produce 30,000 rpm at zero load, according to the company.

The Dremel 8200 with carbide wheel attachment.

Benes adds that the 8200 offers twice the speed of cut of the 8000 and removes 2-1/2 times more material in sanding applications.

"The big thing with the 8200 is that this is the first cordless tool that Dremel is promoting for use with its new high-performance multisaw and planer attachments," says Benes. "The carbide wheel attachment is also ideal for cutting laminate flooring.

"Generally, in most applications where someone is putting in a laminate floor or engineered hardwood floor, they're using a miter saw to make that cut. But when you're working around things like ductwork and venting, those are odd cuts and this tool does a great job at getting through those odd cuts in this area that a miter saw really isn't designed to do."

The tool features a "360-grip zone," which basically means the user can get a solid grip on the round tool without searching for the laces. A sliding switch controls the variable speed function, while the output shaft can be locked when changing accessories. The 8200 also features a battery fuel gauge to monitor battery life remaining before a charge is needed. A new one-hour charger is included.

The tool measures 9-1/2" in length and weighs 22 ounces, according to the company.

Dremel will offer the 8200 in two kit versions. The first kit includes one battery and charger, a cutting guide attachment and 28 accessories, and will sell for $99. The second kit offers a second battery and a right-angle attachment, plus everything in the first kit, and will sell for $140.

Contact: Dremel. Tel: 800-437-3635.

This article originally appeared in the March 2010 issue.

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