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SAW TRAX offers a new multifunction dolly, the Dolly Max, with posts that can be added horizontally and vertically to the base for increased function.

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The Dolly Max consists of a 25” wide by 30” long one-piece steel box sitting 13” high. It uses 12” pneumatic tires and 5” locking casters. The internal post design ensures the vertical strength in the steel posts, but also makes it easy to reconfigure the dolly. The posts are 56” long, 1.25” square steel powder-coated tubes. The max load is 700 lbs. but extra casters can be purchased increasing the max load to 1,000 lbs., according to the company. The Dolly Max retails for $399.95 with four posts. For information, visit

This article originally appeared in the June 2013 issue.

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