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DeWalt sliding miter saw has longer runtime

DeWalt introduced a new cordless 7-1/4” sliding miter saw, model DCS361, with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery for job-site work.

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“This is something we’ve looked at for years and we actually did have a 24-volt miter saw years ago in Europe,” product manager Jeff Beck says. “The challenge at the time was that the [nickel-cadmium] battery technology did not provide the kind of runtime and performance the user expected. So as we continue to strive to give the user a more portable, lightweight solution, that was made available now with the advent of the lithium-ion technology in batteries.”

The saw can cut baseboard up to 3-1/2” tall, nested crown molding up to 3-3/4”, and cross-cut a 2”x 8” board, according to the company.

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Beck says the saw functions with any of DeWalt’s 20-volt batteries, regardless of amp-hour ratings.

The saw features an LED mounted to the blade guard, which lights when the trigger is activated, casting a shadow cut line on the workpiece. It also indicates when the battery needs recharging.

“When the battery starts to get low, the light will start to blink when you pull the trigger to let you know you only have about four or five cuts left. That way you don’t get diminished performance as the battery wears down. The battery will shut off completely after the limited cuts are used and it’s time to charge,” Beck says.

Other ease-of-use features include 10 positive miter stops, a high-visibility bevel scale, adjustable bevel overrides, and a miter pointer on the left side of the table.

The saw weighs about 31 lbs. with the battery installed.

It sells for $319 as a stand-alone tool. It can be purchased with a battery and charger for $399.

For information, call 800-433-9258 or visit

This article originally appeared in the July 2015 issue.

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