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DeWalt debuts four new saw/work stands

DeWalt has introduced four job-site miter saw and work stands to fit a range of budgets.

DeWalt's heavy-duty miter saw stand, model DWX723.

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"These products create a platform to mount a miter saw and support the material that needs to be cut. Any miter saw can be mounted to our stands with the universally compatible mounting brackets," says Rafe Bennett, the brand's director of product marketing.

Bennett adds that the miter-saw mounting brackets have a quick release, allowing the user to position the saw anywhere along the rail, remove the saw for easy transport or have multiple saws on the rail at once.

All four of the new stands feature screw-attached, non-marring polymer feet and leg lock levers for easy setup and breakdown. The stands differ in length, weight and material capacity.

The heavy-duty miter saw stand, model DWX723, is a redesign of a previous model. Bennett says it's ideal for handling trim up to 16" long. The stand weighs 35 lbs. and can carry a maximum weight of 500 lbs. It sells for $199.

The compact miter saw stand, model DWX724, is narrower than the heavy-duty stand, weighs 30 lbs. and can also support 500 lbs., according to DeWalt. It offers up to 100" of material support, measures less than 4' long when folded and can be stored sideways in a truck bed.

Two of the new stands are called heavy-duty work stands, models DWX725 and DWX725B, which Bennett says offer contractors more features than traditional sawhorses. The 725B comes with universal miter saw mounting brackets, while the 725 does not. The stands are 36" wide and can carry loads of 1,000 lbs. each. The 725 folds to a length of 3', weighs 15 lbs. and sells for $89. The 725B weighs 17 lbs. and sells for $119.

DeWalt also offer accessories for the stands, including material and extension-arm supports, and a carry strap.

Contact: DeWalt. Tel: 800-433-9258.

This article originally appeared in the May 2011 issue.

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