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Device monitors wood-storage climate

Lignomat has introduced the new Memo-Chip BL2 data logger to help woodworkers avoid moisture problems such as shrinking, warping and cupping with their lumber inventories.

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The BL2 is a small, air-controlled device that is placed in a room where wood is stored. The device either goes in the middle of the room or near a place where humidity is likely to form. Product manager Grete Heimerdinger explains the importance of monitoring wood storage climates.

“Wood reacts to the environmental conditions of relative humidity and wood moisture. It’s important that the relative humidity does not change a lot because the wood will always follow. If you expose it to high humidity, it will pick up moisture. If you expose it to low humidity, it will lose moisture.”

The data logger collects measurements of relative humidity and temperature over time, which allows a more accurate evaluation of moisture conditions than single readings from hand-held thermo hygrometers, according to the company. The BL2 automatically calculates the equilibrium moisture content, the point at which the wood is neither gaining nor losing moisture.

The BL2 can be programmed to sound an alarm if, for example, the equilibrium moisture content drops below 6 percent or exceeds 10 percent.

Lignomat also offers the MC Tracker as an accessory that simultaneously measures relative humidity and temperature, plus up to three wood moisture stations — just like using one thermo hygrometer and three individual moisture meters taking readings at certain times.

The MC Tracker can be used for measuring moisture in wood, wood-based panels, engineered flooring and drywall, according to the company. The BL2 stores all readings. A graph is generated showing all wood moisture measurements and relative humidity readings along with the corresponding equilibrium moisture content, which can be viewed on a computer screen.

The Memo-Chip BL2 data logger sells for an introductory price of $165. With the MC Tracker, the cost is $360.

Contact: Lignomat. Tel: 800-227-2105

This article originally appeared in the January 2012 issue.

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