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Delta unveils new cyclone dust collector

Delta introduced its new 1-1/2-hp portable cyclone dust collector, model 50-905, in February. The unit features a unique chip barrel system for convenient two-stage dust collection.

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Product manager Mark Strahler says cyclone systems are attractive to woodworkers because they ensure that only finer dust is sent to the air cleaner. He describes the product as a small-scale version of one seen in a large production factory.

“Like any cyclone, the chips enter into the tapered tube, which helps to separate the chips and keeps the large chips from rising and being pulled through the blower, while the fine dust is passed through,” says Strahler.

The chip barrel has a 32-gallon capacity with a large lift handle. A 1-micron canister filter and bag collects the fine dust. For prolonged canister life and efficiency, the top filter cleaner crank rotates to knock down particles into the bag as they build up on the inside of the canister. No additional tools are required for these procedures.

The machine runs on a 240-volt, single-phase motor that produces 10” of static pressure with up to 810 cfm, according to Delta. A 120-volt conversion kit is available.

The collector can serve two machines with the supplied 4” dust port or be set up as a central system with a 6” dust port and blast gates. Strahler says the machine’s portability is beneficial when using it as a central system because it can be neatly stored in the corner of a shop.

A remote control is included that controls the on/off switch and timer programming. Timer settings go from 1 to 15 hours. This extended time feature allows the unit to be left running as an ambient air cleaner when the shop is closed, adds Strahler.

The dust collector sells for about $1,300 and comes with the barrel, two dust port covers, one canister filter, two plastic dust bags, three plastic chip bags and four locking wheels. A floor sweep attachment is also available.

Contact: Delta Power Equipment Corp. Tel: 800-223-7278.

This article originally appeared in the April 2012 issue.

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