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Delta debuts portable thickness planer

Delta Machinery has introduced a new 13" portable thickness planer, model 22-590, designed to reduce snipe and provide full width planning capability.

Delta's new 13" portable thickness planer, model 22-590.

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Bill Harman, Delta's director of product development, says minimizing snipe is one of the key factors users consider when shopping for a planer, achieved on this model with a four-post cutterhead lock system and extra-long infeed and outfeed tables.

"The patented cutterhead lock on this planer helps create stability in the head so the head's not floating as it's making the cuts, and that helps to reduce snipe. This model has large infeed and outfeed tables as well, which also help reduce snipe by allowing for better control of the material," says Harman.

The planer features a micro-adjust depth stop for enhanced precision. The user can select and lock any depth dimension from 1/4" to 1-1/4", ensuring a thickness that remains consistent for each final board pass, according to Harmon.

"Users want to be able to get all pieces uniform. So once you think about planing a piece to the finish you desire, you just lock the head to the next piece and all subsequent pieces on the same thickness."

The planer also offers a three-knife cutterhead with dual-sided blades that can be easily reversed and have been re-engineered to provide more blade life. A full width material removal gauge allows woodworkers to take advantage of the entire width of the knives. This translates into longer knife life, as users can reference the thickness gauge anywhere along the entire width of the cutterhead, as opposed to a single point, as seen on most industry models, according to Delta.

The planer has a material capacity of 6" high by 13" wide, a 4" dust port, and if a dust collector is unavailable, the company says a chip deflector will keep the planer virtually clear of debris. The planer sells for $529.

Contact: Delta Machinery, 4825 Hwy. 45 North, Jackson, TN 38305. Tel: 877-335-8219.

This article originally appeared in the December 2010 issue.

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