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Damstom clamping system gains wider distribution

Damstom, a family owned-and-operated business in Canada, debuted a new panel clamp at the 2013 AWFS in Las Vegas. Sales and distribution have picked up during the last year with the clamps now available through Rockler Woodworking and Hardware’s retail channels.

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Damstom produces the D-300 Clamping System, designed to keep panels straight during the glue-up process without the need for alternating the clamps.

The lightweight clamps can make panels up to 38” long and 3/4” to 4-1/2” thick. They feature two bars to apply equal pressure to the top and bottom of the panel.

“The great thing about it is when you clamp your wood panels you can actually push downward so the wood pieces will actually lineup and be flat,” product manager Benoit Bissonnette says.

“This is different than the conventional way of making wood panels with pipe clamps or other clamps where you have separate ones on the top and bottom. You don’t need as many clamps so you can space them apart from 12” to 18” to prevent the board from buckling up.”

There are two versions of the D-300. Rockler is selling the anodized-steel version for $59.99. A powder-coated version, which prevents glue from sticking to it, is only available through Damstom’s website until more agreements with U.S. retailers can be reached.

Damstom also produces the D-200 24” panel clamp. 

Contact: Damstom. Tel: 450-824-1592.

This article originally appeared in the November 2014 issue.

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