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Craftsman 20-volt impact driver and reciprocating saw

CRAFTSMAN’S 20-VOLT IMPACT DRIVER AND RECIPROCATING SAW, powered by the company’s Diehard lithium-ion technology. The impact driver weighs 2.6 lbs and delivers 1,200 in. lbs., according to Craftsman, while the tool’s lithium-ion battery packs are good for more than 2,000 recharges. The reciprocating saw has a 1-3/16" blade stroke and features one mode for aggressive cutting and another for straight reciprocating action. The 20-volt impact driver, model 28128, and reciprocating saw, model 26314, are each priced at $69.99. Craftsman also sells its lithium-ion cordless charging system for $40 and an extra battery pack for $90. Contact: Sears Craftsman.

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