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Atlantic Machinery Corp. introduces a new wet spray booth, the Minivelo, by Coral of Italy, which has sold wet spray booths throughout Europe and Asia for several years, primarily for industrial applications. The Minivelo is a compact version, offered in two widths of about 3’ to 6-1/2’ wide for smaller production environments, including woodshops.

Riccardo Azzoni of Atlantic Machinery says the water filtration concept brings a host of advantages over traditional spray booths with paper or fabric filters, which the distributor also sells. They include lower maintenance costs and reduced fire risks.

“Dry booth sprays, in some cases, can become a fire hazard when you saturate the back wall with overspray. The Coral system features a waterfall that comes off the top and collects the overspray, which falls into the tank within the booth. Then you can either skim it at the end of the day or add some chemicals that make the overspray semi-solid and easy to remove,” says Azzoni.

“You also don’t have the continued expense of buying filters. The initial cost of the wet booth is a little higher because you have a pump that moves the water inside the booth itself and recycles it.”

The Minivelo coats small items using a revolving workpiece holder.

The Minivelo starts at $3,995.

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This article originally appeared in the September 2018 issue.

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