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Colonial Saw debuts Tenso P-14 connectors

Colonial Saw presented Lamello’s new Tenso P-14, fiberglass-reinforced plastic connector at IWF 2014, a finalist in the show’s Challenger’s Award competition for product innovation.

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“This aids significantly in gluing two pieces of wood together without the need for clamps, which reduces production time and keeps areas of shop space free,” product manager Karl Frey says.

To install the connector, a T-shaped groove can be cut with a CNC machine or Lamello’s new handheld Zeta P2 biscuit joiner featuring an oscillating cutter action. After glue is applied, two connectors lock together to create an invisible joint.

There is no risk of torsional movement due to its patented ridge system, which connects and aligns with only one fitting, Frey says.

The Tenso P-14 can be used for attaching face frames, toe kicks, solid-wood edging, drawer sides and fronts, pre-assembled furniture and more.

“Workpieces connected with the Tenso P-14 can be moved or stacked before the glue dries,” Frey adds.

Colonial Saw is the exclusive distributor of the Tenso P-14 connectors, available in pairs of 80, 300 and 1,000.

Contact: Colonial Saw. Tel: 781-585-4364.

This article originally appeared in the September 2014 issue.

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