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Colonial Saw debuts Lamello shelf connector

Lamello USA, a division of Colonial Saw, offers a new slide-in shelf connector, the Divario P-18, for a clamp- and glue-free installation.

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The connector is made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic and is designed to retain a 35-pound clamping force when fully engaged, according to Colonial Saw.

“Divario has been hugely popular with those who need to do fixed-shelf bookcases,” product manager Chris Hofmann says. “I ran my own shop for a long time and did a lot of those and they’re always really difficult to put together. With these connectors, they go together in no time.”

The connectors fit in slots, which can be cut using CNC technology or Lamello’s Zeta P2 biscuit joiner. The fitting is detachable for transportation.

“With the Divario, shelves or separation walls can be inserted into pre-assembled structures,” Hofmann adds. “Additionally, the Divario P-18 also clamps the components during insertion, creating clean, tight joints. The clamping action only occurs at certain points rather than across the entire insertion length, making the components easier to insert. Due to the strong connection between the workpieces, the joint is able to carry high tensile forces.”

The connectors are sold in packs of 80, 300 and 1,000.

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This article originally appeared in the March 2016 issue.

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