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Clamptite Tool

CLAMPTITE TOOL, from Lee Valley, can make permanent hose clamps, strengthen cracked wooden handles, repair cut garden hoses and be used for other workshop projects. The user simply needs to thread the tool with wire, make a few wraps around the tool and the item to be clamped, and then turn the wing nut that applies leverage to tighten the wire. Clamptite is made of aluminum and chrome-plated steel and uses wire up to .062" in diameter. The tool is sold for $24.50; 1/4-lb. coils (about 50') of .041" 304 stainless steel-wire are available for $12.50 each; and the tool and one coil can be purchased as a set for $32. Contact: Lee Valley Tools Ltd., P.O. Box 1780, Ogdensburg, NY 13669-6780. Tel: 800-871-8158.

Clamptite tool

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