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Cefla North America unveils new spray booth

Cefla North America says its Mito-K spray booth, part of the company’s new family of spray systems, offers small-to-medium sized woodworking manufacturers the ability to have automated spraying capabilities. With a small footprint and relatively compact size, the system is suitable for water- and solvent-based materials, as well as adhesives.

Cefla also offers the Mito-2K with two finishing arms.

“This is a spray machine with a paper belt conveyor. The system is designed to be very flexible so the client can use it for very small batches of components, but it has the capacity to do larger quantities,” Cefla regional manager Alan Henderson says.

“This lets people with smaller operations get into automated finishing. And the best part is there is very little cleanup with the paper belt as compared to large automated finishing systems.”

The Mito-K can process up to 10 door faces per minute. In a shop that processes dozens of kitchens, some having up to 75 doors, this can save a great deal of time, Henderson adds.

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The machine is available in one- or two-arm versions, which means they can hold one or two spray guns. Both include a standard on-board color changer that allows guns to be flushed at the push of a button and “plug and spray” connections.

An in-feed part scanner on each of the units assures application accuracy, and a dual dry filtration system removes overspray maintenance, according to Henderson.

The Mito-K is available as a stand-alone machine or as part of finishing system. The base price is $130,000.

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This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue.

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