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Castle demos updated Screw Delivery System


Castle USA presented an update to its proprietary Screw Delivery System (SDS), featured with the company’s CSI 1.5D pocket cutter/screw inserter machine, at AWFS.

“Our machine is about multiplying the effort and the labor that you already have. The Screw Delivery System, the update to that, has simplified it to the point where there are no adjustments needed, there’s very little maintenance and value’s added to the entire process,” says product manager Glyn Phillips.

The SDS system starts with the user loading screws into the screw hopper. The screws are sent to a vibratory bowl that sends screws through the air gate. Screws travel through the screw tube to up to the machine’s screw inserter, which pushes them into the routed pocket in the wood.

Updates to SDS include a simplified sensor system, re-designed escapement rails, screw orientators with a simple design for minimizing jams, new air gate configuration, fixed plates to keep the shaker bowl securely in place, and new screw feeder tubes that are narrower and tapered for better screw control as screws move through the inserter, according to the company.

The CSI 1.5D Pocket Cutter/Screw Inserter machine with SDS sells for $56,999.

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This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue.

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