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Castle builds on pocket cutter machine features

Castle has updated its TSM-35 SF pocket cutter machine, now featuring a swinging panel for improved service access to control components. Company president Annette O’Connor says the machine is designed to improve efficiency in busy shops that can’t afford downtime for tooling changes or maintenance.

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“We made it much easier to do service on the machine. This machine goes into an industrial, dusty environment and gets beat up by the end users. In an effort to make service very quick and easy, we made it so you remove two bolts and remove the front panel so you can clean the components or swap them out,” O’Connor says.

While the target audience primarily includes any type of woodworking shop where it will be running six hours a day or more, she adds that it’s also gaining popularity in the RV and store fixtures industries.

“This is essentially for production shops doing pocket joinery all day or most of the day. It allows you to join two pieces of wood where the joint is hidden. Some of the uses include face-frame jobs for pocket joinery case assembly, face frames on cases where you attach crown molding and more.”

Features include heavy duty construction, a flip-up lid for quick tooling changes and flip stops. The machine comes with a Sioux Air Motor and 1-1/2-hp Baldor router motor, available in three- or single-phase. Prices start at $6,399.

Contact: Castle Inc. Tel: 800-282-8338.

This article originally appeared in the September 2013 issue.

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