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Casadei-Busellato updates its belt sander

Casadei-Busellato has introduced the Libra 35 RTC 110 wide belt sander, featuring a 43” working width and two heads for sanding solid wood and veneer panels.

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Casadei Machine product and distribution manager Thomas Tuck says the new machine is an update of the Libra 30. It’s been designed to accept a variety of materials and is especially suited for small- to-mid-sized shops tackling a wide range of work.

“Right now, a lot of customers are on a limited budget, so when they purchase a machine they want to make sure it’s going to do what they need to do now plus whatever is coming down the road in the next five years. For example, a residential manufacturer who is starting to do some millwork or a door manufacturer who’s adding cabinet parts,” says Tuck.

The machine’s flexibility is because of the second head, a combination drum and elastic segmented platen, that can be used for calibration and rough and finish sanding, according to Tuck. The platen gives users the ability to sand a range of materials with different hardness properties, such as soft veneer to red oak. The first head is a steel drum.

The machine sells for $31,250.

Contact: Casadei-Busellato. Tel: 336-854-1211.

This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue.

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