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Carter adds MagFence, an aftermarket rip fence

Carter Products, a longtime manufacturer of accessories for band saws, has brought some diversification to its product line with the addition of the MagFence, a fast, cost-effective way to attach a rip fence to most popular band saws, table saws, or any other machine with a ferrous-metal table. The aluminum fence is available in two sizes, 16" and 19-1/2", and uses powerful rare-earth magnets to firmly attach to work surfaces.

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“We wanted [to offer] an affordable fence for the average guy who was buying a 14" band saw, which sometimes comes with a fence but most of the time doesn’t,” says Lee Perez, spokesman for Carter Products. “There are plenty of people out there that are buying substandard fences or building their own. So, we wanted an alternative that was a lot better quality than people are making themselves, something with T-slots so they could attach accessories.

“As we got into this, we also realized there was a lot more potential to this product than just the band saw. It can be used on basically any

piece of equipment where you need alignment.”

The 16" fence has seven magnets placed in a line down its center; the  19-1/2" fence has eight magnets. The magnets are in ‘focusing cups,’ which point the majority of the magnetic energy to the table, establishing a very firm hold.

Each fence measures 4" high x 1-1/2" deep, and has spring-loaded levers on each end that quickly engage and disengage the magnets.

“The user simply needs to release the levers and move the fence about 1/4" off the end of the table to easily pick it up and move it,” says Perez. “That’s one of the big selling points of this — the guy who has three saws and no fences. This goes to any of his saws in his shop.

“All you need is a ferrous metal table, and you can take it right from the band saw to the table saw to the drill press. It’s incredibly versatile.”

A line of accessories to complement the MagFence, including a circle-cutting attachment, feather boards for a table saw, and more items are scheduled to be released later this year.

The 16" MagFence is priced at $79.99; the 19-1/2" version sells for $89.95.

Contact: Carter Products Co., Inc., 2871 Northridge Dr. N.W., Grand Rapids, MI 49544. Tel: 888-622-7837.

This article originally appeared in the February 2009 issue.

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