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Cabinet Vision is ‘reimagined’ for 2021

The latest design-to-manufacturing software release by Cabinet Vision, version 2021, has been restructured to make it easier and more cost effective for end-users to only use the functionality they need, according to the company.

“We have reimagined our suite to make it easier for new cabinet makers to get started and larger manufacturers to grow efficiently. When starting out, a new shop owner can simply pay for the core production elements they need, then build those capabilities as they diversify and grow,” says Chip Martin, product manager for Cabinet Vision.

A 3D-rendered walkthrough in Cabinet Vision.

A 3D-rendered walkthrough in Cabinet Vision.

“Meanwhile, larger sites can simply provide access to their staff based on their role – for example CAD drawings or 3D-rendered walkthroughs for their design and salespeople. We’re putting customers’ needs first so new and established businesses benefit equally from access to our high-quality tools and new capabilities, like the updated Door Manager and shadow-line (cabinet construction without handles) support.”

This year’s release also features more multipliers, which build upon or multiply the power of what’s known as core industry tools. For example, there’s ‘xRendering’ for photo-realistic rendering capabilities, and ‘xMachining’, which includes the company’s Screen-to-Machine solution used to produce the NC code that programs machines for production.

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