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C.R. Onsrud adds 7’ wide G-Series CNC

The G-Series with infeed and outfeed options. 

The G-Series with infeed and outfeed options. 

C.R. Onsrud has introduced a 7’ wide model to its Custom G-Series of CNC machines to accommodate European-sized panels and standard North American panel sizes with minimal operator intervention.

Ken Stissel, the manufacturer’s national sales manager, says this latest model was configured to meet the North American wood manufacturing segment’s growing interest in European sourced panels.

“Traditionally we’ve done 4’ x 8’, 5’ x 10’, 5’ x 12’ and even 8’ wide machines for larger panels. But due to the increase in demand for the European panels, which are 7’, we designed a machine specifically for the demand of those panels,” says Stissel.

European panels, offered in 9’ and 10’ lengths, offer end-users not only more finish and material choices, but better optimization, according to Stissel.

“With larger panels, you also get more material yield. There’s less time put into loading sheets and more parts that you get out of a sheet. That’s important especially in this market where material costs are rising. The less scrap you have the better,” he says.

The G-Series features a new roller/infeed option with an integrated Barbaric storage retrieval system that automatically loads panels onto the machine. Once a panel is loaded onto the conveyor, labels will be printed and automatically placed on the panel before it is moved to the router for a fully automated set-up.

“The operator is at the end of the conveyor basically catching completed parts that are not only labeled, but cut to size, and ready for edgebanding or other processes,” adds Stissel.

Pricing starts at $200,000 for a G-Series machine.

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This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue.

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