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Bostitch adds finish nailer kit

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Bostitch has added a new magnesium-constructed 15-gauge finish nailer kit, model N62FNK-2, with a number of easy-to-use features.

The nailer weighs a little more than 4 lbs. and accepts FN-style 15-gauge angled finish nails between 1-1/4” and 2-1/2” in length, and has a storage capacity of 128 nails. The tool’s weight and balance are complemented by an overmolded grip to help maximize comfort and minimize fatigue during overhead applications or prolonged use, says product manager Jorge Silveira.

The nailer’s design highlights include a smaller nose, LED worklights, an oil-free motor, rear exhaust to direct air away from the user, and an on-board dust blower to clear the work surface from dust and debris.

“The air blower can be used in two fashions,” Silveira says. “As an air blower, if you’re holding it with your right hand, it would be where your thumb is near the trigger on the thumb side, you push that trigger and it dispels air exhaust from the nose of the tool to clean off the work area. Or, if you’re doing baseboard, a lot of times you’re putting in the base when there’s no flooring yet, so you have the concrete floor with gravel and stuff on it, this allows you to clean the floor so the base is flush against the floor.”

In addition to standard rubber tips, the kit also includes four profile tips so the nose of the tool can be centered properly. These include a convex tip for fluted trim, an offset tip for door/window molding, a tongue-and-groove tip for hardwood flooring and a recess tip for crown molding.

The nailer also features the company’s Dial-A-Depth technology for setting nails to precise depths without changing compressor settings, a swivel air fitting and an integrated filter to protect the tool’s internal components from contaminants. A selectable trigger system, located slightly above the trigger, converts from sequential to contact mode in seconds.

The kit sells for $179, which includes the nailer, plastic carrying case; 1,000 FN-style 2? angled finish nails; swivel fitting; hex wrench; set of four profile tips; and operator’s manual. The magazine, which has a built-in pencil sharpener, also features a 16” on-center gauge.

Contact: Bostitch, Stanley Fastening Systems, Briggs Dr., East Greenwich, R.I. Tel: 800-556-6696.

This article originally appeared in the November 2011 issue.

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