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Bosch upgrades modular router series

Bosch has introduced its new 2-1/4-hp modular router series, model MR23EVS, for fixed and plunge applications. Product manager Jim Stevens says the router features about three-dozen upgrades and is the first professional modular router system with a power switch on the base handle.

The Bosch MR23EVS router series.

"When you're reaching for a switch on the motor, it's easy to bobble the router and mess up a cut," says Stevens. "With the switch on the handle, your hand can stay on the router, which gives you better stability and control."

Bosch offers the router as either a fixed- or plunge-base model for about $240, or as a combination kit that includes one motor and both bases for about $320.

As a fixed-base router, users will appreciate the company's versatile depth adjustment system feature, with access from the top of the router table. The feature provides 1-5/8" of continuous microfine adjustment, according to Stevens.

"The big innovation on the plunge base is the fact that we have a feature that we call the afterlock microfine depth adjustment. What this means is that it has the ability to plunge the router down and, if a depth adjustment needs to be made, it can be done using a dial."

Other router features include LED lighting focused on the cutting area, a centering system to keep the bit on the intended cut line when using jigs and other guidance devices, variable-speed control, soft-start feature to reduce startup torque; and constant-response circuitry that helps the motor maintain speed while under load.

Contact: Robert Bosch Tool Corp., 1800 W. Central Road, Mt. Prospect, IL 60056. Tel: 877-267-2499.

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