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Bosch turns the table with new miter saw

Bosch has introduced its new 12” dual-bevel slide miter saw, model CM12SD, featuring a front-mounted bevel control and increased cutting capacity.

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Rather than having to reach behind or walk around the saw to adjust the bevel or tilt mechanism, Bosch has put a “quick-select” turret bevel control on the front of its new saw. And by reworking the drive mechanism gearing, Bosch has added clearance to the rear of the arbor. This gives the saw the capacity to cut baseboard up to 6-1/4” positioned against two sliding 4-3/4” high fences.

“While a lot of woodworkers will lay things like crown molding and baseboard flat on the miter table and use their tilt control to make their cuts, most of them prefer to do it if they can stand it up against the fence. It’s just easier to adjust the miter settings typically than the bevel or tilt settings,” product manager Jim Stevens says.

“We have really high capacities against the fence. So the guys that are doing the high-end trim and finish work can cut those types of materials with their material positioned most easily.”

The saw also features larger table base extensions to support stock up to 40”, an electric brake, adjustable front stabilizing foot and detent override capability.

The saw weighs 65 lbs. and sells for $549. It’s available with or without Bosch’s Gravity-Rise mobile stand.

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This article originally appeared in the December 2015 issue.

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