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Bosch Tools debuts series of new shop vacs

Bosch Tools introduced four new sho vacuums, available with nine- and 14-gallon capacities.

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The nine-gallon vacuums include models VAC090S and VAC09090A, while the 14-gallon models include VAC140S and VAC140A.

“Our new series of vacuums offer ideal performance for dust extraction through a best-in-class combination of airflow and suction power,” product manager Craig Wilson says. “The available auto-filtration feature is especially beneficial for users in a woodshop setting by offering greater levels of productivity and improved dust extraction by continually cleaning the filter every 15 seconds.”

The nine-gallon model VAC0909OA.

Outfitted with an automatic filter cleaning mechanism, the A models self-clean the flat pleated filter through a reverse airflow every 15 seconds during operation without compromising suction or performance, according to the company.

The S models use a similar airflow cleaning process and include a module on the hose that allows the user to cut off suction and activate the filter cleaning with the push of a button.

Two models feature cord and hose storage solutions and a wet vacuuming water level sensor that protects the motor by automatically shutting down the device when water reaches a maximum height.

All models feature rubber wheels and locking casters, while the 14-gallon models have a metal frame and convenient push handle to make transportation easier.

Accessories include an extension wand, floor tool set and HEPA filter.

The vacuums sell for $549 to $669.

Contact: Bosch Tools. Tel: 877-267-2499.

This article originally appeared in the December 2014 issue.

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