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Bosch sander cuts down on vibrations

Bosch Power Tools introduced its new random orbit sander, model ROS65VC, at the AWFS fair. Set to hit stores in October, it features a vibration control suspension system to minimize user fatigue and can accept 5” or 6” sanding disks.

Bosch's new random orbit sander, model ROS65VC.

Boasting a 3.3-amp motor, the sander is designed for a variety of jobs, such as rough or finish sanding on wood and composites, paint removal, and smoothing, cleaning and polishing composite materials such as solid-surface countertops.

Bosch product manager Jim Stevens says the sander’s most important feature is the reduced vibration.

“This is important because sanders are typically held for longer periods of time than most tools, so the vibration factor for the user is there for a longer period of time. We’ve created a suspension system in the top part of the tool in the gear housing featuring blocks of highly durable foam that keep all of the energy down at the bottom of the sander so limited amounts of vibration come up to the top part being handled.”

The sander has multiple grip locations and can be used with one or two hands. Two pads are available to run 5” or 6” sanding disks.

“Most users have a preference of one size or another, and now they can change as needed,” says Stevens. “The sander also features a pad dampening system to help prevent swirl marks, and a rugged die-cast aluminum gear housing with dual-bearing pad mounts to eliminate wobble and vibration for long life.”

Bosch has also come up with a new dust collection design. A canister with filter replaces the standard dust bag. Dust is held in the canister by a threaded end cap that quickly unscrews for easy emptying. The sander can also be connected to a dust collector and Bosch provides a special hose adapter.

The sander will be available in three kit forms. Two include one 5” or 6” sanding pad and will retail for $229 to $239. The third offers both pads and will retail for $299 to $319, according to Stevens.

Contact: Bosch Power Tools & Accessories, 1800 W. Central Road, Mount Prospect, IL 60056. Tel: 877-267-2499.

This article originally appeared in the September 2011 issue.

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