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Bosch offers two new cutting blades for oscillating tools

Bosch has introduced its titanium-coated and 3Max tungsten carbide cutting blades for its oscillating tool.

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The titanium-coated blade offers about 30 percent longer life for metal and woodcutting applications because it’s less prone to overheating, according to product manager Brandon Eble. “It is offered in both half-moon segmented and full-size circular blade styles in 2-1/2” and 3-1/4” diameters. Ideal applications include heavy-duty wood and metal cutting, which can help save time.

“The benefit of an oscillating tool is that it allows you to get into tight areas. If you had to use a jigsaw to cut an opening for an outlet or something, you would have to drill holes, then rout the saw around the holes to get the jigsaw in. With the oscillating tool, you can make the plunge cut directly into the workpiece and that saves you about 10-15 minutes.”

The 3Max blade combines a rasp and a carbide blade. It features a teardrop shape and is beneficial for tile work, but also for other jobs around the shop.

“For woodworking, you can use the rasp on the bottom of the 3Max as a heavy-duty sander as well. It will grind away wood pretty effectively because it’s very aggressive. You could use it to quickly sand down a piece of wood exposed on a project to make it flush with the workpiece.”

The blades sell for about $29.99 each. Both accept the Bosch Oscillating Interface System adapter, which means they can be used on oscillating tools made by most manufacturers.

Contact: Bosch Power Tools and Accessories. Tel: 877-267-2499.

This article originally appeared in the July 2012 issue.

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